When 9 to 5 becomes Transforming!

Hari Om Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Feels amazing to be back here after such a long time. And this time for good. I won’t ever give up writing or blogging again, for I plan to evolve and grow better at it! Looking forward to your encouragement and love. ๐Ÿ™‚

I begin this new journey with an Ode to the place and the Master because of whom I am here today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Time has simply flown by and it is already a year! A year of working at this heaven called Chinmaya Mission.

I remember being stumped by the silent beauty of this Ashram right in the midst of chaotic Mumbai, when I first walked into the premises for my interview.
Since then this place has become home. My association with Chinmaya Mission goes way back to my childhood, yet this one year as a Sevak and an employee has enriched my life beyond words.

As I got out of college, I knew I wasn’t going to fit into the traditional Ad firm or media company. I wanted something different, something that fed my soul and gave flight to my dreams. As a global spiritual organization, Chinmaya Mission did just that.

From going out of my comfort zone by managing social media platforms, creating and visualizing content to still writing on what I loved,
Colleagues who are no less than family and a boss no less than a mother-like figure,
The youth camps that not just gave me some beautiful friends but also Masters who have transformed me from within,
Various activities that have taken my skills a notch up and helped me discover talents I never thought I had,
The knowledge that has helped me discover a richer inner self,
To be able to do work that makes a little difference, to be able to widen my horizons, to read more and learn more,
All the travel that has and continues to enhance my spiritual journey,
For all the challenges and growth-both personal and professional,

To the most important blessing bestowed : Finding my Guru, my Master- Swami Chinmayananda.
Each time I look around at the serene place I call my office, I can sense His compassion,
Each time I delve a little deeper into myself I can feel His Grace,
Each time I read, listen to and reflect upon His words, I can sense His guiding voice,
Each time, every moment I sense His presence!

And here’s to another year of transformation and service! ๐Ÿ™‚

22 thoughts on “When 9 to 5 becomes Transforming!

  1. Hi Devi, Good to know your experience and the way you have placed yourself in a meaningful journey at a so early stage of your life. Transformation which helps to evolve our inner self awareness is the reality of leading a successful life.
    Keep writing. All the best!

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  2. Your honest and loving smile in the photo says it all – your passion and love for this mission is very well expressed by your wonderful writings. Well done dear Devi and keep treading the path which goves you happiness and satisfaction.


  3. Hi Devi,
    Can’t believe there are young souls like you in these days when we see teenagers and young adults running in search of material wealth. Continue your rightful path. I’m sure you’ll live a life of fulfilment and happiness and also spread joy around.
    The beginning lines in the blog speak volumes about your devotion and commitment to your job and the satisfaction you derive. All the best.

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    • Hi Devi. So happy to know you found the perfect place for you to grow & be happy. Your picture says it all, your expression of joy & adulation & a kind of realization that you have found your Guru while holding his hand with whole hearted trust.
      Rest assured of a beautiful future dear & happy to note that you will continue with your passion of writing as well.
      Love & best wisheswishes

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  4. Dear Devi
    Delighted that you got a job where you find mental peace and spirituality
    To find a job which matches with your lifeโ€™s mission so early in your career is due to Divine blessings.

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