Crux of the Universe



Everything flows and nothing abides. ~ Heraclitus

Hello Dear Readers! 🙂 Firstly, my apologies for being inactive for such a long time. I hope to write regularly from now on. Enjoy this one! 🙂

All is flux, nothing remains still. Everything changes and everything flows. Our thoughts keep flowing.And life? You never know what may happen in the next moment! And I mean it. Who knows what you will be doing the next minute? You could be smiling now and crying the next second. You could be down in the dumps an entire morning while something may happen which keeps you enthusiastic for the rest of the day. The person who hurts you could be the same one who gives your heart peace. The person you have dedicated your life to, may be no more the next day.

Change is the law of the universe. But there is one power which does not change. For it rules all hearts. It is even more powerful than the all-powerful time, for time cannot touch those depths of your soul where love resides. For instance, your house may not exist in the future, but it remains in your heart as a memory. A memory you will always treasure. Because love had made that house a home. It is the breath that sustains as well as the fire that burns. It is the core of the universe and is the very nature of every creature.

It manifests itself in your life in some or the other form at every stage.Your parents,friends, family, strangers and as God in your heart. It always teaches you something. Remember, no love ever goes in vain. It is always a blessing. Love never hurts, it is expectations that hurt. And why do we harbor expectations? Because we do not realize the temporary ways of our life! It is said when you love someone, their happiness always comes first. An ideal example is the mother’s love or a beloved’s true love.

You mourn the death of your loved one, not realizing that all along he lives in your heart. He can never die, for his spirit lives on. Love inspires. It is a beacon of light. When the time arrives and it has to dim, those last rays of light soak your being in a manner in which they shine radiantly in your soul forever. Such love is meant to be emulated, not mourned, for it is rare.

In what is a personal experience, I was blessed, in fact many of us in the company of the soul I am going to talk about were.

Our Guruswamy (a person who guides you on your path to Sabarimala, the abode of Lord Ayyappa). With powerful Eyes like those of a Tiger (the vehicle of the Lord) he was a soul who dedicated his entire life to the feet of the Lord, acting as a guiding light to hundreds of people. Such was the grandeur of his life that it did not diminish even during his last hours. Having prayed to the Lord with his wife just minutes before his passing away in his sleep on November 18th, 18 being symbolic of the union of the individual soul with the Brahman also indicating 18 steps of Sabarimala, just when Lord Ayyappa’s month had begun,  the splendor his face held never decreased till his last rites were performed. I would rather say it had increased manifold. His glorious legacy lives on.

While thousands mourned including me, I also learnt the final lesson, the last grandfather figure in my life had left: Live your life well and never shun anyone away. Love sustains. Nothing else does. Love Yourself. The love of the Lord within your heart manifests in humans around you. That the flame of love provides hope even when darkness threatens to envelope you.That everything may change, but your source of energy does not.

Even then, it is okay to grieve.Everyone does that. What is important is to look within yourself and realize even your grief is temporary. Embrace the changes that take place. Nothing remains except for the love which empowers you. That energy at your core.  Let it flow both within and without and look at your life change. The tiniest gesture of love can brighten up a dejected face. 🙂

Always remember, you are your own beacon of light. Give yourself the love you deserve! You yourself are an inspiration! 🙂

Love, because when you love you are using the greatest power in the Universe. – Rhonda Byrne.

P.S. Even if I have been able to pay a trifle of a tribute to our Guru, I am thankful for that! Please feel free to leave your feedback! 🙂