Mystical Relations

“Some people are related not by blood but by pure love.Some relations are deeper and more divine than familial ties.”
I had two people in my mind as an inspiration while writing these words.
We all have our immediate family that comprises of parents,husbands,wives,children and siblings.Other than them there are nieces,nephews,cousins and so on.
We love all of them and may or may not share a close bond with them.

But somewhere,at some point in life,we come across one or more persons with whom we begin to share a bond and slowly but surely,that bond becomes deeper and deeper.
Suddenly a total stranger enters our world and our hearts.An undefined bond exists with that person.The bond between these two hearts could be romantic,friendly,brotherly or sisterly,father or motherly or something just beyond an explanation.
Do you not have if not many at least a single relationship in life which is much deeper and stronger than your relationship with your kith and kin??A better-half or lover,with whom you spend your entire life is one such person,gifted by God through destiny.

Such relationships need no reason to exist.They are destined to exist.They are what you call platonic or divine.Special and beautiful.They enrich your life and allow love to overflow within you.Nothing can ever lessen the depth of love in these relationships or the value they hold in an individual’s life.

For an orphan it could be the family or that person who gives him the care and love he always longed for. For a depressed person it could be someone who walks into his life and fills it with happiness and laughter. A person who meant absolutely nothing just a minute ago,now shares a special relationship with you.
A believer in the Law of Karma would say its a connection from lives that have passed by.That your souls are connected due to your life’s Karmas and purpose.Yes,there is a connect.It could be a past life connect.But mainly there is a connect of trust and love.

Lord Krishna in The Bhagavad Gita says,”Love everyone.The entire Universe is yours.Your very center is Love.” When He gifts you such a person is He not trying to tell you that every person is special in some way or the other?? Is He,through that person not trying to teach you the value of divine love??
His relationship with Arjuna and Shri Rama’s with his devotee Hanuman,are the best examples.

For me,I was blessed with two such people at a very tender age.The two people I spoke about in the beginning. One being our neighbor who is like a mother to me and the other one being my brother,not by blood but by heart.Due to whose love I understood what a perfect elder brother is like!
Such people leave a permanent mark on your heart and give you a bond to be cherished for lifetime,or even beyond that.

They teach you that Family isn’t always about blood.That it is about those who love you for what you are,who want you in their lives.Who love you no matter what.Whom you love for what they are,whose presence causes your heart to smile and whose absence only deepens the bond.
They are precious blessings meant to be valued forever. Isn’t it readers?? 🙂

Silence Heals


Since a long time,the idea of starting a blog was running around in my head.

But I was clueless as to how to go about it plus the question that every writer has to inevitably face: Who will want to read what I write??
However after writing fictions on another site,here I am starting a blog!I have these thoughts on spirituality and stuff like that on my mind wanting to be written the blog is going to be all about this and a lot more!!

lord krishna 5

The world is a complete chaos.Our lives are chaotic as well.And we feel a dire need to straighten this chaos,to find a certain peace.It often happens doesn’t it??It happens to every one of us. Right from teenagers struggling with their adolescence issues to adults dealing with hectic work schedules and looking after their homes.
How we wish to head away from all of it for a while!Do we not cherish that vacation,short or long??Even a moment of calm,of silence does wonders for our stressed minds and we want to remain there for the rest of our lives.And then,Bang comes our life knocking on the door again.

And we go back to the chaos.Because we can’t escape it.

But do we realize,that all of this external chaos is but a reflection of internal unrest??I go back to the moment of silence I spoke about.
How many of us find the silence of the night or of the early morning healing??Some soothing and calm music or even a good book at such hours can work wonders for a tired soul,right??Or just being silent,being in the moment and doing nothing else for a change is another good idea.

Meditation!One of the most sought after relaxation techniques.However,it offers much more than relaxation.If any of you has ever tried it out,you will know it helps you connect to your soul.A deep sense of peace prevails.That is when the transition from chaos to contentment happens.
Such is the healing power of silence.Because silence is that which exists.It is primordial.Hence you find silence in nature,because nature is primordial.Silence is within you.You only have to realize it.Accept it.

It possesses the ability to bring about harmony in chaos thus changing a person’s world.A person who understands this and utilizes this power becomes internally calm which reflects in his external activities as well.His priorities are sorted and he ceases to panick or go on an emotional over-drive.This is because he has touched the tranquility of his internal soul which makes the world appear much less chaotic.
This is our actual state of being.Once we realize this,life becomes a joy.Even chaos becomes a joy.Because we are better equipped to deal with it.That eluding sense of peace is suddenly achieved.

The desire of transforming our lives has now become a glorious reality.


And we understand why our ancient seers said,“Silence is tranquility.”


Do not run away from life to find this tranquility.It is right there within you.Just spend some time with yourself.Probably an hour or even 20-30 minutes a day will make a huge difference!

The formula is that simple.

For Mumbaikars it could be a quite walk by the sea at Marine Drive in the wee hours of the morning or even at night.For others it could be just about anything.

A sincere heart praying experiences this Silence.

Because this silence rests within your heart.All you need to do is embrace it.And it will embrace you.